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Monday, January 18, 2010

Prices and Servings

Because each cake is unique, it is difficult to have an exact price list. When we discuss your cake, we will be able to give you a more accurate price. A 50% deposit is needed to secure the date, with the remaining balance to be paid 1 week prior to date.

$30 minimum on all cake orders

Specialty cakes

Usually average $2.25 per serving for buttercream to $3.00 per serving for fondant. With a min. of 15 servings.
Final price based on decorations.

Tiered Cakes (For cakes 3 tiers and higher)
*Tiered cake prices are based on a lower cost per serving (usually average $1.50 per serving-frosted & decorated in buttercream and $2.00 per serving-covered in fondant with fondant/gumpaste decorations) and an additional charge for labor depending on number of tiers:

3 tiers - $100
4 tiers - $135
5 tiers - $170
6 tiers-  $200

For example: If you ordered a 3 tiered wedding cake that served 100 people, your total would be $300 (100 servings at $2/serving would be $200, and labor charge for 3 tiers is $100)

*Travel charge will be added as follows if not in the area (Lovell, Cowley, Byron, Frannie, Deaver)
Powell: $30
Cody: $60
Billings: $100
Bozeman: $150

Amounts are approximate, may vary depending on detail/sizes.

Cake Dummy (foam layer):$25/layer

Dollar amount per serving
Cake decorated in buttercream and fondant: $2.75
Cake decorated in butterceam: $2.00
Advanced Decorations: $0.50
Standard Filling: $0.00
Premium Filling: $0.50

Hand Modeled Sugar Decorations
Wedding Couple: $45
Animals: $5-10 each
People: $20 each
Bow: $15 each
Monogram Letters (topper): $4 each Letter

Carving Fee: $10-25

6 "- serves 12
8"- serves 24
9" -serves 32
10" - serves 38
12" - serves 56
14" - serves 78
16" - serves 100


6" - serves 18
8" - serves 32
10" - serves 50
12" - serves 72
14" - serves 98
16" - serves 128

Sheet cakes

¼ sheet cake (9x13) serves 20
½ sheet cake (12x18) serves 48

Sheetcake prices are $1.00/ serving (Frosted with filling and basic decoration-border and small buttercream  decorations)

Cupcakes & Cookies

$1.00-$2.50 each (Depending on if you want a filling and the style) with a 24 order minimum. I have a cupcake stand available to rent for $25. It will hold around 100 cupcakes and has an adjustable number of tiers for fewer cupcakes.

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  1. Annette, Your mom showed us your site. You are a tremendous artist and need to charge more money for the beautiful cakes you make. Head Start Co-workers (In our hotel room in Ahaheim, CA) Can you do a Head Start cake for Pre-Service (150 people-haa haa) You mom said she'd pay:) Haa Haa