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Monday, June 27, 2011


If could re-do my wedding cake, this is the one I want. I LOVE this cake! It was designed by the bride (Who has great taste btw! Ü) It is decorated with fondant and stenciled (with a custom made stencil) in royal icing.  It is a vanilla cake with chocolate mousse, chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, vanilla cake with german chocolate and ganache filling, and chocolate cake with ganache filling. YUM! She also ordered a grooms cake, which I will post soon.  Here are a couple reception pics I snapped on my way out after setting up the cake! So pretty!
 Gift table...
Table settings...


  1. Annette, you are incredibly talented! What beautiful cakes!

  2. When I saw this cake I thought it looked like a cake you would make for yourself! Totally gorgeous!