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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zombie/Halloween/Anniversary Cake???

This cake was SO fun! I think mostly because of the story that goes with it. This lady emailed me saying she needed a cake for her 3rd anniversary. It turns out that they got married on Halloween, in Vegas, with a Phantom of the Opera Masquerade theme. So many ways to go with that!! She decided on a zombie themed wedding style cake.
The zombie couple are made out of modeling chocolate and fondant. and the cats and pumpkins are made from fondant.
They also have 3 cats (the first of which they got on their first anniversary). So we put the 3 cats at the bottom of the cake to signify the 3 years they've been married (and they are in Halloween costumes, of coarse Ü)


  1. How cute is this cake?!?! So cute! I love it! Love that you made the cats dress up too!

  2. So, this turned out great! It cracks me up...the whole story behind it! How did the lady react? Did it turn out how she'd wanted?? Fun, fun!